19 de fevereiro de 2013


It was a big panel of glass

not plexi but silicate

moving with the grace

of a ballerina through moondust

The wall was the soul of all verticals

pinkfloydian wall, berlin’s cousin

and it was solid and painted

only moving along with the earth

and the solar system and the universe

but nothing else

Regardless, their encounter was unavoidable

The glass was there

and slowly advancing

The wall was there

(and doesnt “wallwasthere” sound musical?)

and it wouldn’t move

hence, when the encounter finally happened

and I say finally, because the glass

was taking it’s sweet time

and would loose a race to a snail in coma

The contact was brief

no one knows if it was

structural vibrations

or a rupture in the vitreous molecular pattern.

But the shards fell

in a pretty normal gravity speed.

Renato Kaufmann
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